Human Rights Policy and Management Programs

Human Rights Action Managent

Our company places great emphasis on promoting labor and business ethics policies and complies with relevant labor laws and international labor rights norms to protect employees.

We have established "work rules" to clearly define the rights and obligations of both labor and management. Regular "labor-management meetings" are held to encourage cooperation between employers and employees, and to prevent and punish harassment measures to protect the equality and dignity of both sexes at work.

Labor-Management Meeting

Since its establishment, Nextron has been able to maintain harmonious labor-management relations and contribute to the development of our business without experiencing disputes or losses. We will continue to strengthen communication between labor and management to eliminate possible disputes and hope that both parties can reach a shared understanding through our efforts, enabling the smooth progress of various business operations.

Employee Suggestion Box

We have established , which is managed by a dedicated team to handle related grievance matters. We have created a systematic proposal, communication, and complaint mechanism to ensure that employees' expectations, suggestions, doubts, and grievances receive appropriate responses and handling.

Regular Communication

Regular departmental meetings are held to communicate with colleagues; employees are notified of significant company information by means of announcements.

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