Transportation Solutions

With the wave of global net-zero emissions, the CBAM in Europe and the US and the upcoming carbon tariffs in the EU, the transition to net-zero emissions is no longer an environmental issue, but a matter of industrial competitiveness. At the moment, ITS that can balance traffic efficiency and carbon reduction is the inevitable trend, and we are playing a key role in it!

Nextron has created connection solutions that are different from those accumulated over the past centuries. From charging and battery swapping systems to high-speed Ethernet for vehicles, from micromobile vehicles to city-wide unmanned taxis, we are always the best partner for developing intelligent and green transportation by joining hands with global corporations to explore new industrial futures.

Why Nextron
Pioneer of Micromobility

Micromobility, including electric motorcycles, e-bikes and e-scooters, is becoming more and more popular, providing users with short-distance mobility solutions within 5 miles, enabling low-cost personal transportation while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions effectively.

As a pioneer in micromobility, Nextron has collaborated with top brands in Europe and the US to create connected solutions for charging and battery swapping. Our products prioritize safety which possesses the features such as lightness, cost-effectiveness, and guided insertion design. We are competitive in the industry and highly trusted by clients.

Promoter of Intelligent Driving

The evolution of intelligent driving will make future transportation much safer.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, Nextron has entered the market with innovative products that meet all standards. We play a crucial role in SAE Level 3 and above Levels of driving automation by providing efficient transmission solutions: supporting control system-related requirements such as in-vehicle networks, improving computing efficiency, accelerating message delivery, and enabling LiDAR, the "eyes" of autonomous vehicles, to deliver sensor data more instantly and stably in high-speed driving environments.

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