By assisting medical professionals better understand one’s body condition and improving surgical operation safety, endoscope plays a vital role in modern healthcare and precision medicine.

Although improvements in miniature video cameras has benefitted the endoscope industry, optical engineers still face the challenge to improve endoscope imaging quality continuously. Fast and reliable connection is vital between the endoscope and the monitor. Aside from signal transmission, the ability to inject fluid and remove objects through the endoscope is also critical to gastroscope and colonoscope design.

As an invasive surgery, careful cleaning, disinfection and sterilization are required after each endoscopy. In some situations, disposable endoscopes are deployed to eradicate the risk of cross-infection. In this case, the ability to control cost of components without sacrificing biocompatibility becomes an even more important topic.

Choosing the Right Connection Solution

The quality of endoscope imaging relies heavily on fast and stable connection between endoscope and surrounding devices. Nextron has been providing the world’s leading endoscopy brands safe and biocompatible connection solutions with the ability to deliver high-resolution imaging even after hundreds of sterilization cycles.

The endoscope connector series provides transmission speed up to 4Gb/s, meeting the requirements of real-time and accurate data transmission. By leveraging unique connection solutions, Nextron is able to breakthrough traditional connector design and realize high density contacts in limited space, which reduces the size of connector and minimalize the impact of invasive surgery.

Aside from standard products, Nextron is capable to customize designs that meet individual needs. Customers can choose from a wide range of interfaces and additional features such as IP68 waterproof ability, waterpipe for fluid inject and also cost-efficient options for disposable use.

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Customized Products

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