Industrial Solutions

As industrial automation continues to develop, Nextron leverages the expertise accumulated over 30 years to help clients maintain their competitiveness. Based on standard products, we provide custom chassis and custom-made components with technical capabilities such as anti-vibration and heat resistance, solving all the needs in one stop.

Nextron is also a technological pioneer in autonomous mobile robots, realizing the rapid development of smart factories and drones in logistics.

Why Nextron
On-Demand Customization

Nextron is the best partner for industrial computer manufacturers and a practitioner of smart factories.

Following the PICMG specifications, Nextron provides standard-compliant and cost-effective automation solutions for all customized requirements. We use waterproof and heat-dissipating components to create fanless industrial computer subsystems that meet the needs of outdoor environments and rugged industrial computers. As an essential player in the smart factories and IIoT, Nextron continues to leverage professional strengths.

Pioneer of AMRs

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are leading industries into the next generation, and Nextron is at the forefront of this trend!

AMR is characterized by its autonomous and flexible nature and is still in the high-growth phase in the global market. Nextron provides AMRs with LiDAR and sensor connections, fast charging interfaces, and high-density rectangular connectors suitable for use in limited spaces. Nextron has established a solid position in advanced logistics and drone delivery systems on a global level.

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